Need help with my coop renovation


8 Years
May 2, 2011
Southwestern PA, Flock since 5/2011

2x4 roosts from ceiling

Old hollow door they sleep on, usually covered with 1/2" thick rubber but I pulled it off to scrub it

Old nest boxes, will be replaced. So this is going away. Replacing with 6 hole roll out nest.

Cleaned out coop and the old cheap dresser they use for nests

Wood is covering this hole in the concrete

Fresh clean happy coop with roost returned

Flip down roost

My husband wants to replace the floor with support beams, fill in with gravel and cover with 1/2" plywood. I want something easy to clean for someone who has extreme muscle pain at times to clean. We live in the Northeast so it gets cold cold in the winter.
Previously had vinyl flooring over the concrete but after 4 years it became brittle and the chickens ripped it up
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