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  1. My brother found one of my pekin ducks laying outside with her feet stuck behind her and her body frozen to the ground. He brought her inside and we filled the bathtub up with warm water. Before, she could not move her feet at all and they were stuck behind her. Now, she can barely move them but I can bend them which she couldn't do before. We are putting her in a kennel in a heated room.

    Update: She is fine. I checked on her this morning and she is moving her legs normally!
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    Good deal. Sometimes ducks can't take the freezing cold. Most adults do o.k., but must have a means of shelter. I have a duck farm and I had some that would stay out in the pond all night long when it was in the teens. They are scared of predators at night. We used to put them up in the barn every night, and now in the winter months we had to return them to the barn for safe and out the weather.

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