Need help with my White Crested Black Polish chicks!! PLEASE!!


8 Years
Mar 25, 2011
Hagerstown, MD
I have 3 WCBP. All are around 18 to 19 weeks old. I don't have pics of them yet to show what I am asking about, but can get some pics tomorrow if I need to. I am trying to figure out gender. 2 of them have big full head dresses and are very rounded and smooth and pretty. The other one's wig is very small, about only half the size of the other. We were thinking he is a boy? But now, my 2 that have the pretty wigs are concerning me because 1 has pretty big wattles & the other ones is just started to come in. The one we think is a boy has no wattles at all yet. Can anyone help me??

Here r the 2 that have the full & pretty wigs! U can't see in the pic, but 1 has pretty big wattles and the other one's just starting to come in.


I don't have a current pic of the other 1 that doesn't have a nice full wig or wattles.
The crest feathers of cockerels are very thin and pointy, while the ends of crest feathers of pullets are rounded. If there are big wattles, it is likely a cockerel.
According to that picture, i vote male on left and female on right. Polish are notoriously difficult to sex and at less that 4 months old, it may be a bit early to tell. Also, the picture doesn't display side stance or face/wattle.
These 2 are pullets from their topknots. I have about 70 polish of 6 varieties so I have finally gotten used to calling them. The females will vary on wattle size some but the topknot is the most reliable indicator. The female has a nice full, rounded one. The males tend to have a spikier look. The long feathers are shaped like hackle feathers.


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