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Sep 14, 2007
Ball Ground, Ga
I have a 3 week old boer (sp?) cross goat doeling. She's an orphan. The guy I am caring for it for told me to feed it 3 times a day. That doesn't seem like enough. How many times should I feed it, and how much? She is a runt, only about MAYBE 10 pounds. (I've had bigger cats)

Thanks in advance for your advice.
sounds to me as the mother died, or left the baby,

the kid should be fed powdered goat milk replacement formula, and should be fed ever 6-7 hrs for a few days just to get her immune system up, after that 3 times a day should be enough. at 3 months if shes eating grain and food plus hay she can be weaned.
Yes, she is a bottle baby. I have one of those nipples that screws onto the top of a 20 oz coke bottle. I have been giving her a full one of those every 4 hours since about 4 pm today. That's when I got her.

Thank you, I didn't think 3 times a day was enough.
I just lost a 3week old boer/kiko cross. She ate a total of 6-8 cups of milk per day broken into feedings about every 2-3 hours. According to the bucket of milk replacer I was using she was right on track.

Good Luck!
Yup - the four hours is right. Sounds to me like she's underweight now, tho, so pour it to her. She's also old enough for her 1st C/D & T. I would bet she'd deficient in Vit E and selenium, so a BoSe dose (vet Rx) would be a good idea along with some B complex. Another good way to get her 'up' is to add Poly-Vi-Sol to her bottles.

Also be sure to be offering grain and hay - most of my babies are trying to eat with mom by that age and the sooner she learns about solids the better. Don't forget the loose minerals.
Thank you everyone for your help. I will upload some pictures later today.

What is a CD&T? (I've never had a goat in my life) I've raised orphaned foals, but not goats.
She could survive on three bottles a day, I know of some dairies that put kids on two bottles a day right from birth. Personally I prefer to feed several smaller bottles several times a day. If you have the time and are willing that is what I would do. All seems to be different, you will just have to see what works best for her. My current bottle baby is two weeks old today and is eating 5-6 bottles a day, I could probably push her down to 4, but I don't mind feeding her more often, I just let her let me when she's ready to eat.

What I generally do when I have a new bottle baby is, on the 1st day I feed as often as they want to eat, generally I offer a bottle every 2-3 hours, on the second day I start them on every 4 hours, which would be 5 times a day (I don't feed through the night, last feeding is generally around midnight, 1st feeding is around 8am), and keep them on that for from 1-2 weeks depending on the baby. After that we switch to every 5 hours, 4 times a day and stay w/ that til 6-8 weeks, then down to 3, and usually around 12 weeks we kick back to two and stay w/ that until they are weaned. And I usually let them deside when they are ready to be weaned (generally by 4 months). And I do start offering hay and grain around 2 weeks old.

So anyway that is what works for me, good luck! Can't wait to see the pics!
I personally would be giving cows milk if you can afford it for her as she will thrive better on it than many problems with it. I havent had a case of scours using cows milk. When I used replacer I was constantly treating scours ...not fun either. I would feed her 4 times a day and depending on her age try some goat feed and will help on the feedings too. Good luck they are a challenge...

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