Need help with quail food and egglaying


8 Years
Apr 16, 2011
Hello,i just recently bought some adult quail,( A&M,cort. And Tibetian) when i got them home they were laying eggs like crazy for 2-3 days. Then they stopped. I was feedin g them game bird feed from my local Agway. However its larger pellet size,they do seem to be eating it bit no eggs.They are in a pen with natural light also. I have not had them lay any eggs in 2.5 weeks. Can someone steer me in the right direction on feed please. Thank you
I feed mine 28 percent gamebird all the time.

Mine were starting to lay good and a tornado came thru flipped their pen.

Took them over a month to start laying again.

They may have had eggs in their system. When they moved they finished those and the move may have been stressful enough that they suspended laying for a bit.

When they get totally comfortable with new surroundings and relax maybe they will start again.
Thank you. Have you ever heard of feeding them with regular chicken laying feed (crumbles)?
I have heard of it . But they do so much better I higher protein feed. That and the later has too much h calcium for their system. Can cause internal organ issues
Ok, thank you again. I just picked up some game bird starter w/ 28% protein crumbles. I'm hoping this will do the trick, thank you very much.
For laying hens, you should also provide some oystershell grit for eggshell integrity.

Higher protein percentage is linked to higher rate of prolapse so for myself I stick to game bird layer, can't recall exactly but it's 21-23% protein and I've read a study for optimal protein percentages for laying hens let me see if I can find it,

It also discusses other studies that found similar results and ultimately concluded that this study found 23% for growing chicks and just under 22% for laying hens is ideal.

"The objective of this research was to estimate crude protein requirements of Japanese quails in the growing and laying periods.


The findings of this study suggested that the levels of 23.08% and 21.95% of crude protein in the diet of Japanese quails are recommended for the rearing period (7 to 35 days) and laying period (42 to 98 days), respectively."

23% protein seems lower than what most people feed growing chicks (doesn't mean it's wrong though) and what about days 1-7?? It didn't discuss that :p
thank you binki, I will pick some up soon. Should I give them some oyster shell everyday, or once in a while?

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