need help with what chicken breed for me


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Nov 9, 2012
hey i am starting a business for selling eggs and need help for what breed to use plzzzzz help. getting so
I have a Silkie Bantam Chick and a Showgirl chick and both of them are SO loving and really great pets. If you are looking for show quality ones I suggest you get them too. I also think you should check out the "Breeds" section for reviews on all breeds. Thanks for reading!!

Sincerely, Ruby
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan :D

For strictly laying purposes hybreds such as Isa Browns are the most productive, but usually only lay well for a year our two before burning out.
HI and welcome, the ISA browns rock for laying for a year, I have two having a really hard moult (and not laying well). But for quick, fast to lay, and very pleasant personalities, the ISA browns or RIR are great. Good luck.
I have a business selling eggs as well. I use all Barred Rocks, but also recommend sex-links. Make sure you get good quality birds, as they will pay for themselves by being good layers. Barred Rocks are very calm, great in cold weather, lay year round, lay nice big brown eggs, and the cockerels make nice roasters and the old hens good soup, as they are a large duel purpose breed. A Barred Rock pullet normally lays around 280 eggs in her first 12 months of laying. Also, make sure you give them 14 to 16 hours of light every day, and make sure that the lights come on before sunrise and turn off after sundown, as this will greatly increase their laying and keep them laying in the winter. It doesn't pay to keep the hens past 24 months, and sometimes they need to be replaced at 18 months to keep in peak production and be economical.
You can do pretty good selling eggs if you treat it like a business. I have sold ten dozen eggs today.
Let me know if you have any questions about start your eggs business.
Greeting from Kansas and
! Happy you joined us. You'll get lot of different answers to your question. Leghorns are reckoned top notch producers of white eggs. Personally, I like brown eggs and my Red Stars and Black Stars are egg laying machines. Good luck to you!!
number one where do you live some don`t take cold some don`t take heat next what kind of egg`s do you want most brown egg layer do better then white and the fancyer bird don`t lay meny are not broody what you might want to do is sign up for some free catalogs just look online and you will find meny of them thay will tell you the thengs that you can put together for your needs and good luck and your doing the right thing by doing it if I can ever help let me know

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