Need Help With Worm Id!!!!!

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  1. here is what she has. any clue what kind on intestinal worms these are????? they seem to only be on the outside of the poo. its a 4 month old white Cochin. very clean, clean coop, etc.




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    Jul 31, 2008
    oh wow no idea hope someone chimes in...
  3. outdoor junkie

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    Mar 28, 2011
    Are we positive they are not just maggots laid there by a fly?
  4. nope. i checked her over really good last night. she is spotless around her vent area. not even so much as a piece of dirt! i am going to the vet in a few to have it tested.
  5. Just got back from the Vets. It's really cool when you can stump even an avian vet!!!!!!! he spent over an hour with me, the microscope and Peaches' poo. Seems there are more than one issue going on. worm, parasites, and coccidia. He has never seen that type of worm and that color before in birds. He is going with a type of tapeworm. he thinks the red is the intestinal tissue yes. he told me to go ahead and treat with the Valbazene, I was ok to have treated with Ivermectin already, he gave me some Albon to give to her directly once a day for 10 days, and gave me some liquid Albon to put in the water for the rest as a preventative.

    What ''cha think Dawg???

    never thought about hook worm. I will have to go look that one up.

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