1. so its not an emergency, but we're selling our chickens tommorow and I need to know whats wrong with this chicken, I dont want to sell her a sick chicken. So our polish, her breast, feels how all the poofy feathers on an adult chicken feel. It doesnt feel like flesh, it feels like poof. He doesnt seem ill, but we're selling him and don't want to sell a sick chicken. please tell me if this is a problem, its a polish chick, 6 weeks old, and no others show this symptom
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    Inspect him for lice/mites, abnormal poop etc...
    If he's eating, drinking, running around chasing hens and crowing...it would seem he's normal. If there's still doubt in your mind, it might be best to cull him.
  3. hes inside and we dont have mites live etc etc. Hes the only one affected, and hes 6 weeks and i have no idea if its a he or she. Its just creepy so I was worried, hes the only polish not picked on, he perches a lot so I guess hes healthy, just, creepy

    could it be a genetic thing?

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