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    Dec 25, 2014
    I had 5 rhode island reds. I bought them straight run hoping to get at least two pullets for eggs. They are 8 weeks old and I ended up with what I'm pretty sure are three cockrels and two pullets. One of the pullets just died, leaving me with one pullet left. I live in a suburban neighborhood so i can't have roosters, and being social animals i can't just have one pullet. Any suggestions? Im thinking about buying a whole new batch of sex links, but Im not sure what to do with the other four. if I raise them a little longer whats a good age to cull them, or would cockerels sale?
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    I would try to sell them. I hate killing an animal unless it is absolutely necessary .
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    You might find homes for the cockerels, but probably only if you give them away for free. And most of the takers would probably just be putting them on the dinner table. If you want to raise them until they're meaty enough to put into a freezer, try 12-16 weeks. 20 weeks if you can...they'll be a bit heavier though will be a bit tougher and will almost surely be crowing. Some cocks will start to crow earlier than others, so you should be prepared to do the deed if you want to grow them until just as the first one starts to crow. The first crows are very awkward and rather quiet, though.
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    Sep 27, 2014
    It is possible for finding a for the cockerals.

    As for the pullet,she should be fine,even her being social doesn'y entirely mean she'll have problems,plus,she likely will like it alone other then being mounded every 5 minutes.

    Pdirt has given valuable info,but I was just gonna say,the cockerals could have different times when they decide to crow.
    They could crow day from now.
    Really,it depends when the roosters ready,or/and has reach his maturity to crow.And his breed,silver laced's mature more slowly then most breeds...

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