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May 20, 2015
I accidently killed a mother quail landscaping my yard and she had 10 eggs in her nest I already feel like an *** and don't want to let them die how do I care for them
Don't feel badly. It is hard to see birds in the grass and such. So don't beat yourself up.

These are eggs? You will need an incubator. You will need to candle the eggs to see how far along they are so you can guesstimate when to stop turning the eggs.. Do you know what type of bird this was? Where in the country do you live? (this will help determine the quail species so we can guesstimate hatch date).

Keep us posted! :)
Dont feel too bad, stuff happens. When I was a kid, baling hay I ran over a wild turkey hen with all her poults that was hiding in the grass. I learned to be more careful after that and never ran over another turkey. The bush hog and my neighbors guinea hens is a different story

Seriously though, if you can find a bator just pop them in and if they're good they should go. I've hatched pigeons and doves out of abandoned nests with good results, quail are no different.
Ok I'll have to get one I did the float test just now and they are moving so they are alive I have them under a heat lamp as of now, do they need any moisture till I get the incubator
Yes, they do. Spray the eggs down with a spray bottle once an hour. Use warm water. This will help them retain water.
Also, turn the eggs a quarter turn every few hours. Never go 360 around. Just back and forth. So a little to the left. Then next time, back to the right a little. You can do this when you are spraying them.

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