Need ideas for chicken coop, bachelor pad and duck run.

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    I was going to build a coop, but we decided to use the old barn. It has 2 stalls. One was going to be for my hens so I can easily collect eggs and the other for my roos. And then there would be a large enclosed run outside divided for them. Than I thought it would be nice to have my ducks in the stall so I can easily collect their eggs ( 2 campbell hens, and one cayuga hen with a campbell drake).

    So if I plan on keeping 3-4 roos and one will always be kept with the hens, how much space do 2-3 roos need in a bachelor pad and in their run? They will be BLRW and maybe a cochin. They will not get to freerange much but the run that will be divided between all of them will be 40 x 20 feet. I can always add on later, but this is what we are starting with. I am waiting for an straight run order of 15 BLRW and 5 Cochins Should arrive next week. I'm hoping for 5-7 BLRW hens and 2-3 Cochin hens. And the ducks with packing peanuts should arrive this Friday.

    Also would chicken wire be okay to divide the run up inside? Or do I need something solid?

    The run will be covered by a net and surrounded by electric wire.

    Thanks for your wise advice and getting me started on this addiction:p

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