need ideas for duckling pen

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by coonhoundmama87, Jan 9, 2013.

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    Oct 26, 2011
    I need to make a new pen inside for my winter babies. Theyve outgrown the tote they were in. Its going to have to be built in my basement so im hoping they stay warm enough. I was thinkinh of making some sort of frame and lining it with thick plastic sheeting. Maybe doing a layer then adding shavings or something then more plastic to insulate it from the floor. They will still have a heat lamp to sit under for warmth. Does this sound like it will work? Any ideas would be helpful!
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    If you have a puppy pen or two, or some plastic poultry fence and a way to secure it upright without the danger of anything falling over on the babies, that should work.

    In fact, I have seen someone make something out of an old card table flipped upside down. Hang old towels or sheets around to prevent drafts. Be extra careful with the heat lamp, and so much flammable material. I suspended mine on a section of metal hardware cloth, reinforced so there was no way it would crumple, with wires well away from bedding. I also used ceramic bulbs that are, I feel, less likely to break.

    Some plastic sheeting underneath, that goes up the sides about a foot, with shavings or other dry bedding, and plenty of it, to insulate them from the cold floor. Use a watering station like I have, or like tweetysvoice came up with.

    Here is a picture of mine. It is the bottom half of a large plastic dog crate I put sawdust pellets in it to absorb water and poop.


    If you don't have puppy pen or fencing, if you have some luan (the very think plywood), that is not very difficult to work with to just build a big box with no bottom. You might want to hinge a door, depending on how you are going to get to the brooder for cleanup, and duckie cuddles.
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    I've used cardboard appliance boxes. My hubby works for Home Depot so when I need big boxes he lets the appliance guys know. He brings them home folded up so I cut off one large side, line it with plastic sheeting (can be found at $1 store) and put in shavings. It is easy, cheap and tall enough that they can grow out in it.
    Last time I needed a big box all hubby could get was a 4x8' piece of cardboard, worked great, I just cut it in half and made corners. Cardboard also helps absorb the splashing and at the end you can use it as mulch or tear it up and compost it.

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