Need ideas for HEATED Chicken Waterer

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  1. jwatts

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    Apr 16, 2011
    I am looking for some ideas on how to keep my water from freezing in my coop, I had a 4" PVC waterer with nipples on it but it recently froze and busted on me, It was -6 deg that night and my heat lamp just couldn't keep up.
    I see that theres Heat tape and Thermo Cube's that I can use but im wondering if you can wrap the heat tape around PVC?
    Im open for suggestions on whatever everyone else is using. Thank you

  2. Hokum Coco

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    For along time I used heater tape around a bucket with chicken watering nipples. It worked excellent. However me being me I neglected to change the water as often as I should. This is what it looks like and it thermostatically controlled to come on at just above the freezing temperature. You would have to wrap it to suit your particular application if it is viable for your set up. It is available at Home Depot in Canada.


    Last year I switched to white rubber contains the wife found somewhere. The freeze solid every night but the ice just pops out of them in the morning and I replenish them with fresh warm water. They have black ones at the feed store that are similar but large than mine.
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    I've played with metal tins and light bulbs, submersible thermostats, and block heaters.

    For my money this is the best solution.

    Install the nipples in the bucket, drop this heater in annnnnnd done.

    Has held up to -10 for a week with no problems and with the lid on I have next to no evaporation to worry about. Dry coop is a healthy coop.
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    I use the heat tape on my plastic bucket nipple waterer, so you should have no problem using it with PVC. The tape does not get real hot.
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