need info on how to do tick/mite prevention


8 Years
Jul 20, 2011
Fort Wayne, IN
I let my big chickens free range but my silkies and ameracuna are still too young and are in the "smaller" coop with hteir own pen to run around outside in. How do I use the svene(?) product? how do I apply it to their coop and bedding, where can I find the product I dont want to buy the wrong stuff and harm my babies. I know we have ticks bc I pulled one off my 2yo daughter today
, before it could embed itself on her but the mental damage is done she is freaked out now. I have applied the granular flea tick spreader product to our back yard area. I will be keeping the chickens in their run for the next couple of days so the product will melt into the ground, and they wont get any of it. TIA Koren

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