Need info on laying hens :)

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    Jun 16, 2010
    We've been thinking about getting 6 laying hens since eggs,

    where I live are getting to be really expensive, and we just want good fresh eggs [​IMG]

    I have chickens, just

    not laying hens. So basically I'm looking for information about them..What's

    the 'best' layers? and how big of an erea would 6 need? Basically anything

    that I need to know [​IMG] also how often would they lay eggs? thanks
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    Becca, a good place to start is in the BYC Learning Center; there are links listed on the entry page of BYC. You can find a LOT of basic information there.

    But, if you only want layers for eggs, without any other consideration, your best bet is any Leghorn, White or Brown. They pretty much lay an egg a day, with a day "off" every week or so. Each chicken needs at least 4 sq. ft. of coop space, and 10 sq. ft. of outside run space.

    Here's another resource you might find interesting: Henderson's Handy Dandy Chicken Chart at

    luck! Welcome to the world of keeping chickens!

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