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I have 4 pullets that are 4 weeks old, can they be kept in my coop with heat light food and water, or do they have to stay inside my house in my homemade brooder ( not so big container) my coop can be secured at all times. Thanks for any info, I'm new and have no older birds :)
If they are feathered out they can go outside, Just make sure they have everything they need and that the coop is secure. If they aren't feathered out but are to big for their brooder, You can put them in the coop with the heat lamp.

Hope this helps.
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I have 8 chicks that are approx 5 weeks old and they spent their first night in the coop on Monday. They are doing fine with no light and the temps are in the 40's at night. I originally had a heat lamp on them but it was too hot in my opinion for them. They are doing great and get field trips into their run in the evenings for about 30 minutes.

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