Need infos for tragopan temminckii


10 Years
Apr 6, 2010
Hi there . I have plan order a pairs tragopan temminckii , but read a some books i know they only live in hight mountains , where the temperature always cold , And in my place the temperature usualy 26 to 30 C and air so dry . And my question teminckii tragophan can live and lay with this temperature ,anyone have a tips for me ? . Thank you
Here in N.H. temps hit 100's once in a while,but not for long streches.They do fine,they should be provided with a shadey spot where they can get out of the sun if desired.
In N.H.,Tony.
Thanks for info Tony . About Ear and Imperian pheasant this breeds can live good in hot place ? Cause a some rumor i hear from breeders in Thailand , Imperian pheasant never layed by the weather is hot ? Few weeks in spring the temps increase 32 - 36 C in my place.

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