Need Larger?

grandpaw roo

9 Years
Jan 29, 2013
Lanc.Co. Pa.
Years ago we always had chickens on our farmette.Always had a barn for them.We downsized 8yrs ago to a house with 1/2acre.Got the idea about some Old English and built a run 4'x16' with a coop 4x3x2'high.Old English idea got squashed as the guy that had them sold out.I now have 8 silkie chicks and 3 Bantam Buff Brahmas.Thinking 1/2 will be roos and most will leave giving me 6 bantys.
My concern is not so much floor space but should I raise the height to 3' ?
Should I rebuild coop to a 4'x4'x4'?

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