Need new home for a rooster and a hen


Oct 22, 2018
Garrard county, Kentucky, USA
I got 2 chicken left that needs to go to a good home and to live long life. I love these guys as my family. I am unable to care for them soon because I will be going to college. I got a rooster that is a buff brahma breed. His name is Caramel and he can be territorial. He used to be mean but now has mellow out. He is handle well when holding. My other chicken is a hen and she is a brown leghorn. She does lay eggs often, however there are days where she does not lay. This is due to having a double yolk eggs. She will lay a really large egg close to the size of palm. Once that happen, she take a break for a couple of days to few days before having another regular size or again large size. She is worth the wait for eggs since she lay double yolk more often than single. I have posted a picture of what the eggs be like so you get the idea. I also happen to have a coop I am selling for 50, if interested.


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