Need plans for a backyard run and coop.


7 Years
Nov 7, 2012
I need plans for a backyard run and coop that will hold 4-6 hens. Something that I can move from place to place in the yard.
Depending on where you live, I have seen a coop and run set up with wheels and handles like a wheelbarrow so you can move and clean under run.Im from new england and any dealer that sells pre fab barns sell these coops for all size flocks. Where I bought my coop has a website~
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

Check out the Coops section of the Forum, there are many small coops examples there.
Looking to build my own just need don't do much good...Probably something lightwieght 4x12 with coop built in and moved on wheels or sliders..
That is a spam site...has nothing to do with chicks least not the feathered kind...

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