Need run suggestions from Western Washington State members

Garlough Marco

7 Years
May 26, 2012
Hello all! I live in the Seattle area and finally decided this was the year to get chickens. My coop is up, the birds are living in it and hope to have the hardware cloth on the run once it arrives via mail order. I have a concrete floor for my run and not sure what material I should use to cover my run. I'm looking for advice from fellow Seattle/Western Washington folks. What are you using in your run?

I look forward to your suggestions. Thanks.
I don't live in your area but i would use water proof material. It would keep them dry if they wanted to go outside.
the outside area of my run is only enclosed above with chicken wire to protect against owls, but the coop is raised so they also have the entire area below the footprint of the coop to be outdoors and protected from rain. but if i wanted to cover the exposed area, id use corrugated transparent plastic panels to salvage as much sunlight as possible.
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Will you have dirt or sand on top of the concrete? Concrete would be pretty hard for dirt baths! We got a big roll of heavy duty white plastic from the local hardware store. It's a step up from tarps and has worked great for a year now, even in heavy winds and torrential rain.

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