Need serious Advice from sheep people?

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    I have right now 5 ile de france/dorset crossed ewes. They are only 3 months old. My plan was to find a dorset ram and breed them primarily for meat.

    When I started looking for a breed of sheep I really wanted Polypays they are a dual purpose for meat and wool and they are very great mothers with high production in lambs and are able to breed twice a year. Well at the time there was no way I could spend 300-400 on each ewe, 500 on a ram for this purebred breed. But I wanted to get my hands into sheeping so bought 9 bottle babies 4 are weathered rams that are being used for meat this fall. While the 5 ewes I thought I could breed this winter and hope for some lambs this coming spring.

    Well I have found a person selling a flock of polypays (or thats what they think they are and were sold to them as polypays) for a amount of money we can afford. it is 2- 3 year old ewes, 2 1 1/2 year old ewes and a 4 month old ram. I went to see them yesterday and 2 of them do look like Polypay, 2 have a bit of black on their face? and the ram as black around his hoove like hes wearing boots???

    I am just torn what to do. Do you think these are true poilypays???

    I have found a 4 year old ram for the ewes I have now. Would in Novemeber at 6 months think they would breed and give me a few lambs this coming spring if they take??

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