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    May 7, 2010
    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post but have been reading for awhile. I think I messed up with my broody hen. This is my story - I would appreciate any advice. I have one hen, Minnie, an Americana who went broody 20 days ago in the coop with my RIR rooster and 9 other girls (various breeds). She starting sitting on 8 eggs, three days once we realized she was indeed broody, we marked the eggs. Minnie is 3 years and has never gone broody, nor have any of my hens. Anyway, realizing time was ticking down (now on day 19 - my husband and I just thought about this), I put a large cat carrier in the coop and moved Minnie into it with her eggs. I also removed 6 other non-marked eggs that she would not let me get earlier. I closed the door, she seemed comfortable but immediately seemed to throw out one of the marked eggs. I let her be for awhile, then opened the door. She stayed in there but then I looked out and she was in the run with the other hens.
    1). Should I have just left her in the nest box ( I was scared the chicks would fall out and be injured by the other hens)?
    2) Should I have moved her awhile ago?
    3). Will she abandon the nest? If so...what should I do about my eggs? She would not even let me candle them earlier (even at night - she is very sensitive)
    I know there is alot of information about broody hens and moving them or not but this is what I did and I am pretty sure I just messed everything up:( How long can she be off the eggs that would make them no longer viable? My oh my. Suddenly very stressed about my chickens!!!
    Thanks for any input!
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    May 15, 2011
    First of all [​IMG]

    Now about your problem:

    Well she might have thrown the egg away because she knew it had died or it was infertile.
    Plus how much time was she outside?You know she has to eat take,a poo etc.
    Now about the nest some want their very first nest.The one they started with while others dont really mind.

    I think she will return to her eggs and if she goes to another nest then place the eggs there.
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  3. chickRVT

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    May 7, 2010
    Thank you! Went out to check on her....she is back in her nest box but one of my other girls is in the kennel. I think I will wait until tonight and move the eggs back to the nest box, providing my girl has left them. HMMMM...wondering if I have two broodies on my hands LOL!

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