Need some advice, I think we have a couple sick chickens


11 Years
Feb 21, 2008
Ok I let out the group to free range all day yesterday and when I went to put them up my roo sounded like he had a cold! so I went and got all the other chickens in and a couple of hens sounded the same way. One hen is laying down puts here head up opens her beak to breathe!! What is this? Sounds rattle'ly just like a cold. OUr weather has gone from HOT to cold to warm again.
We ran to TSC to get some terrimycin to put in there water and gave this hen some in her beak and she drank it when put there. This am she is still in the same place doing the same thing. She took 12cc of med water.
Could I be missing something?
some feel that terramycin is insufficient to treat a serious respiratory illness (if indeed this is what it is)... tylan 50 injectible is often advised.

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