Need some advice on caring for 1 week old call ducklings

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by tan66, Oct 12, 2012.

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    Good Morning All!

    Have just received 3 call ducklings, they are so cute. I'm new to ducklings, how do I raise them? I have them under a heat lamp and have given them water and chicken crumble.

    Can't wait to hear, its so exciting.

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    Good evening Tanya, Congrats on your new ducklings, When you get enough posts please show us pics, we love to see pics of other members ducks and ducklings. Here is a link to the duck sticky at the top of the duck thread with more info than you can possibly use but it will get you started. Most important thing is to enjoy. forgot to say [​IMG] as for your ducklings make sure they have heat but have a way to get out from under too if the get too warm, first week around 85* then 5 degrees cooler each week after that. You should add some niacin to their feed since your feeding chicken crumble, it doesn't have enough niacin in it that ducklings need for strong legs and can also cause neurological problems. you can use Brewers Yeast [not baking yeast] or just buy plain ole niacin at a drug store. not time released or no flush though just plain niacin. sprinkle brewers yeast on top of feed and niacin capsule or tablet on top of their water. they will need a bowl deep enough to wash their faces in, a plastic butter bowl or cool whip bowl with a hole cut into the top just large enough for them to put their heads into but not climb into works great,place a rock inside to keep them from tipping it over. By now you probably know they will muck up their bedding pretty quick and grow out of a brooder just about as fast, you'll have to keep up with both pretty good, wet bedding can bring sickness and they will need room to grow so changing their brooder often will also have to be top priority. If you decide to let them swim make sure the water is warm and that they are dried and put back under the lamp to finish drying and not chill. Most say not to let them swim till a couple weeks old but it's up to you as long as you are right there to watch over them and the water is only up to their bellies they will have a blast. If you can think of any other question feel free to post back and i'm sure others will have something to add to this also.
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