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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by CindyG, Sep 13, 2010.

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    My older chickens (4-5 mths) have turned out to be 3 White Leghorn Roos, a RIR trio, a Black Australorp trio and (I think) a Buff Orpington trio. They free range and the 3 White Leghorns are jumping on any hen they can, the RIR and BA try but usually get knocked off by one of the WLs, and the BuffOrp not even trying that I can see. My next youngest are 2 Red Sexlink hens and a FBCM rooster who were in the brooder together and still range together and roost together. ( I had three of the FBCM roos but just rehomed 2 and have eggs in the bator hoping for a few hens) Next are 4 EEs, a white roo, a splash roo, a white hen and a splash hen. The white EE roo is trying for anyone he can, the splash roo is doing the crowing. I also have 6 Silkies, one for sure is a roo, can't tell yet about the others. 5 Lavender Orps in the brooder, 2 roos, 3 hens. I don't want all these roosters, but how to decide who stays and who goes? I am leaning toward getting rid of all three White Leghorns thinking that as I have no hens I won't be getting any little purebreds from them. If I keep the others, in case I want to make more (either for me or to sell) can they all get along? I realize that in order to hatch out each breed, I will need to temporarily house the roo and hens together away from other roos. I can't see letting any of the LavOrps go, as they were rather pricey to get. Oh my, it's so confusing, I don't know how folks with lots and lots of birds make up their minds. I want more hens for more eggs, but you have to deal with the surplus roosters, and they are so pretty it's hard to let them go. Does it get easier after you've eaten the first one? And, if I decide to actually eat them, what is the best time to "process" them, age wise I mean. That's if I can find someone to do it for me, cause I sure won't be doing it myself. Thanks for any advice.
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    May 2, 2010
    We were also overrun with roos. It just wasn't safe or fair for the hens to have all those roos. Everytime I saw a few of them "gang rape" a hen it made me so livid I wanted to go get my gun and just shoot them. It wasn't their fault (the roos). They were only doing what comes natural to them. I must say, it is so much more peaceful around here without them. I'm not sure what's the best age to process them... For mine... it was time! We havn't eaten them yet. They're still in the freezer, but I'm sure they'll be delicous!
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    Process them anytime 16 weeks or until they are filled out the way you like them...age them before freezing or after it makes them better eating.......doing the deed gets easier every time the meaner the roo the easier it teaches you much more than a book when you process them
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