Need some advice on incorporating new pullets with other pullets (and a roo)

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    Okay run down: we have 2 "open air coops" very large. each 15x17 feet side by side. they are only connected to each other by one "wall" which is dog kennel type fencing. If this makes sense (the left coops far right "wall" is the right coops, far left "wall".) other wise, they are two completely separate coops.

    Coop one: we have "one wheaten OEG" named Granny, currently sitting on (we believe nine eggs). Also in the open air coop with her are five pullets(hers) mixed breeds that are 22 weeks. They are not laying yet.

    Coop two: We have barred plymouth rocks.. Three Pullets and one Roo. They are 28 weeks. All three hens are laying.

    Since we are very new to chicken raising.. We are trying to figure out if its a good or bad idea to go ahead and put the 22 week mixes in with the Plymouths.?? They've "gotten use to each other" I think through the fencing separating them. We were thinking that in the next week or so, Granny's eggs should start hatching and maybe we should let her have that coop alone a while with her newly hatched chicks.. what do you all think or does this post completely confuse you guys? I am trying to explain it the best I can.
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    I would leave the pullets with granny. She will take care of her chick and keep her older kids in their place. I would wait until the rocks are adults before trying to add anymore to their coop. They are at that age when they are hard on new birds.
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    Okay, thanks. Yes, Granny is definitely already putting the older ones in their place lol.

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