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    Being brand new to a flock of 6 birds (all one year old, 4 isa browns and 2 easter eggers) and now just getting them all under one new roof.....or coop. :) They are all getting familiar with each other and their new surroundings. I have only had them for 2 days now, so not sure how much I can attribute these issues to stress or if the problem is deeper.

    Any assistance and advice is GREATLY appreciated.

    My issues:

    1.) They are not using the nesting boxes. 2 good eggs have been dropped so far, and both of those have been in the outdoor run.

    Here are the boxes...I have mats down, but should I add hay or pine shavings?


    2.) They are using the adjustable roost and roost poles higher up at night, but this morning when I went to open the pop door, 3 eggs had been laid from the roost last night, and 1 of the 3 appears very soft shelled. The other 2 were pecked open this morning and the birds were eating them. Is this typical for birds in a new location to drop from the roost and then consume?

    Here's the roost directly across from the nesting boxes. (This photo was taken early...there is plenty of straw and pine shavings on the ground now)



    Thank you in advance,
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    put a fake egg or golfball in each nest. you may want to add a walkboard in front of nests too
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    X2 Mine haven't started laying yet, at least to my knowledge, I make sure to check ideal nesting spots. For a couple weeks there has been emptied out Eggland's Best eggs filled with dirt to help them out. Hopefully they'll get the idea when they're ready.[​IMG]

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