Need some advice please.


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6 Years
Aug 18, 2013
Co Mayo. Ireland

I have 9 rescue chickens, all have been healthy and happy. One hen always stays on her own, since day one,

She runs to get food and won't be pushed out of the way so she's not picked on.

She is a great girl in every way, loves being handled and stroked.

But last week I noticed that her vent area was dirty, I thought I'd leave it and see what happens.

It's still the same so I'm bringing her in the house for a warm soapy bath.

My question is this........

After her bath should I let her soak for 5 or 10 minutes in Epsom Salt bath?

If so does anyone know the Epsom Salt to water ratios please?

I'm asking about the Epsom Salts as I was told a soak would do her good as her skin looks red and tender.

Also I was told to dry her with a hair dryer, I've never done this before, I normally just rub the hen with a towel for a bit .

Thank you all xxx

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