Need some advice with Bully Hen


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Mar 22, 2010
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I have a blue wyandotte who is really really pretty. She is a hatchery bird and her comb is black, as are her feet/legs, but she is in great health and has some real pretty coloring. But... She is a bully. She is the third in the heirarchy, but she seems to really pick on my Easter Egger, Munk (who is last in pecking order but BFF with the alpha hen so nobody really messes with her except Phoebe..)

Munk is naturally a high strung kinda gal, but Phoebe's constant pestering is really getting to her, and me. Nobody else has issues with anybody else, they are all happy in their place, but Phoebe is determind to keep Munk as unwelcome as possible and she is the only one. Neither Phoebe or Munk are laying yet, and I was waiting until Phoebe laid to see if her attitude changed... But she is teetering on her third strike.

Today I scattered scratch, over a wide area so Munk and Phoebe could both have some. Phoebe spent the entire time keeping Munk away from ANY little piece of scratch, and she doesn't just chase her, she really pecks her and makes Munk cry out. Phoebe also bullies a splash wyandotte named Butternut I have, not normal pecking order like the other girls do, Phoebe actually rips feathers out. I am getting real tired of this and wondering if anybody has any suggestions. The only thing keeping this girl around is the hope she will ease up once she starts laying, but I am not sure I should wait that long to rehome her.

Should I wait until she begins laying and see if she changes? What are the chances of her easing up on her bulliness? I have another hatchery Wyandotte who is an ABSOLUTE sweetheart total lover not fighter and doesn't pick on anybody. If Phoebe is gone, will somebody else start acting aggresive toward Munk? Nobody has shown any desire to hurt Munk thusfar.

My head hen is a barred rock, BFF with Munk, and is a good girl not a bully. Second in command is my brahma, Monica (but she get's punked by Phoebe occasionally). Then Phoebe, Butternut, and Munk. Phoebe seems to be the only troublemaker. They free range all day and sleep in a choice of two coops, I am building a new big coop for them all but don't want to throw Munk, and Butternut to the wolves (phoebe) if they are in an area together.

So.. Any tips would be great


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I would put Phoebe by herself for several days. When she returns, she will probably have to start at the bottom of the pecking order. Meanwhile, the others get a break and you can see how the flock would be without her.


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Sounds like chicken soap operas! I had the same exact problem - Got a great australorp roo - took care of the problem over night. All they really need is a good man! hahaha


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Extend the few days to a week or more so that the less dominant hens become more secure in their positions then reintroduce the hopefully lower status trouble maker. Hopefully all 4 birds will give her an attitude adjustment.


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Mar 22, 2010
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I will do that! I wish I could have a rooster believe me lol, but I am in the county but an area where roosters are not well thought of. Phoebe has never been aggresive to me, but when I go to get her away from Munk she runs with a bobbing and weaving attitude like "WHAT CHU GUNNA DO?!" lol. If this helps get her off Munk and Butternut's backs I would be very grateful.

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I agree , put bully by herself... Then watch her if she starts again, back to jail... If that dont help, get soup pot ready....Idid that with a rooster, second time it changed his attuide... Good luck;)


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Apr 10, 2008
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I've had a big adjustment in my coop, some girls are competing for dominance. It hasn't worked it's way out yet, but my old girl was the number 1 chicken for many years. I have a very mean Buff Orpington, she is trying, but I have a wiser older Barred Plymouth Rock who is steady and wise. I've tried to sit down and write a story about my old girl I lost to old age. But, really haven't had the heart, to admit she is gone. But I have thought about putting the buff orpington in the time out stage!......

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