need some advise- broody on eggs


8 Years
Jan 8, 2014
So. Cal
I have my first broody and after failing to "break" her broodiness, I gave up and bought some fertilized eggs. She's sitting on 6. My question is this, she's in a 4x4 coop, she's claimed one nesting box, but has been booted out a couple times by others "higher up on the totem pole", although she does goes back and is being a very good, nice broody. I do have another sm coop I can move her to, with her eggs... is that doable? Hatch date is 4/7. Of my other 4 girls, the 3 are older ones will be mean/dominate, no doubt about it, so my question is, should I move her and her eggs, will she be okay in a coop by herself/eggs, and when should I move her?? My husband wants to move her this weekend, so we can watch her and see how she does. The mini coop (insulated) shares a 300 sqft run with the main coop, and I can "fence" it off from the other coop (I've done that when introducing). :idunno I appreciate any advise! Thanks!
I just had same problem! Build a cage around her nest so the others can't get to her or move nest to safe location. She will be fine with food, water, and isolation. Hope it works out

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