need some Advise first time incubating!


6 Years
Sep 24, 2013
ok so here is my problem i tried to hatch with a incubator from tractor supply Saturday was the day the were suppose to hatch but didn't so i waited till today to try to see if i could help them out. well they were all gone. they died there was 12 when i started 1 exploded a few days ago (out side of the incubator i was candling them then) 3 were not even close to having any thing that even looked like a chick. and all the others looked really good they did have a bit more fluid around then then like 2 of them but they were smaller in size. my thing is they were cold very cold so my incubator quit working right. and I think that is why they died. question is how do i make a home made incubator? I have a heat lamp, egg turner, and a tote that has pine bedding in it. I really want to try again soon so please help me I don't want to put any more eggs in the incubator that i used. Thank you
thank you that does help some I'm not sure what i should do think i may see if i can find some more ideas of how to make one

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