need some advise on baby chick not doing well


9 Years
Feb 12, 2010
So I bought some banty chicks this morning. 1 isn't doing so well. I have put it into my incubator to get warmed up. What should I do with it. it is peeping a lot but is keeping it's eyes closed and doesn't seam interested in eating or drinking. Should I keep it the incubator? I just started a bactch of egges this morning so I don't know if haveing it in there will effect the hatch. The women who sold them to me said they were 4 days old but they were so tiny! please help!
Did you check for pasty butt?

sometimes a chick is just weaker than the rest. It will hang on for days and can pass at any time. So sorry. I would do like previous poster suggested and make sure it is able to get to water and food and give it some vitamins if available. Good Luck!
Bantams are tiny, especially at only 4 days old. I agree to check for pasty butt. Some chicks don't thrive and around 4 days is the time they perish. It could have ingested something that is making it unable to eat. I don't know that the incubator is a good place for it. It should be in a warm brooder, at about 90-95F with fresh food/water. I also recommend putting marbles or stones in the waterer, so they don't drown.
So it seams to be doing better now that it has warmed up. I made it some sugar water and put it's beak in it. It's moving around a little, the incubator is set to 99.5 so it is plenty warm. I think I will add another light to my cage that I have the others in. I think it may have gotton to cold when it was in my car with the others in the box. They were in there about an hour while I got their cage ready.
Oh yeah doing way better! just ran away from me when I tried to touch it lol. and it is now chirping loudly i'm sure it wants out. Thanks for the advise!
great! Little chicks struggle to control their temp, i just got a couple barred rock chicks yesterday, they made one heck of a racket while their coop warmed up, i had prepared it before hand but didnt turn on the lamp, once i showed them the food and water and the wood pellets warmed through a bit they calmed down, quietened down and now just entertain the beagle!
This is great news! I'm so happy to hear your little one is perking up.
I had to move them all into a little cat carrier and put a blanket over it so they were warm enough. The one little chick is still not doing well. I put it back into my incubator and had feed it water with a syringe. It perked up a little, I think it is just exhausted from the move today, poor baby.

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