Need some advise with my crested polish


10 Years
Jun 10, 2009
Could someone tell me do crested polish require special attention!? I have read somewhere that they shouldn't get wet, I am worried it has been raining here about all week! They are in a small pen, I have a tarp over the top of it, and of course they have their own little house to get into. Is this true should they not get wet? Also the little white crested black polish has turned mean towards its partner, it is an all black crested polish. They are almost 9 weeks old, and they have always got along so well, if I would take one out, the other one would do that pitiful cry, that just broke my heart. What do you think the problem is, could it just be the one I thought was going to be hen is really rooster?? Oh I just don't know what to do! I am new at this as I am sure all you seasoned chicken owners can tell LOL.. Just one more question for now. Should I keep them separate from the other breeds?
My splash Polish get wet all the time. I have a tarp over part of their pen but they don't stay under it. It is possible that you need more than one hen. If it is just one hen(like with my splash) the roo will constantly be after her. You may be able to rectify that if you give her a few places in the pen to hide.
Mine don't require anything special, in fact sometimes I have to shoo them in the coop with everyone else when it is raining - but the tarp is a good percaution. On the behavior issues IDK, maybe someone else will chime in on that one. Every time I think I have the sex of my chickens (of any breed) I see something that makes me question it. Best wishes!
Not get wet ? Mine get washed often for showing- Polish get mites if not washed etc the crest area must be maintained- the thing with polish is to make sure they can see or they get flighty - If they can't see what is grabbing or coming at them they go into flight mode -

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