Need some Drinker Ideas.

sorry, no pics but I LOVE the pop bottle waterers. I plan to use them this winter and just have a few extra for each pen so I can change them out with fresh (unfrozen) ones as needed. As for the rest of the time, I use 1 to 3 gallon plastic waterers on Pepsi crates in their runs.
I am in the process of making one of the nipple drinkers. When I finish it I will post pics. I tested one of the nipples on a gallon jug and they are useing it fine. The new setup will be 1 inch pvc pipe with 2 nipples hooked to a 5 gallon bucket. I read some where that 1 nipple would supply 8 birds and I only have 5 in one pen and 4 in the other.
Here's mine.


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