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7 Years
Mar 10, 2015
Hi everyone. I have 4 hens, yesterday I noticed one of them acting off. Fluffing up her feathers and has a dirty bottom when she's normally really clean with soft feathers. One of the other hens charge her and has been pecking her. They've been together from day 1 and I've never seen this aggressive side. So I seperated her. She drank a lot of water so I thought maybe she was dehydrated. I put her back in the coop this am she was fine...I let the others out and she immediately fluffed her feathers up, started acting weird and the went after her. Bizarre!! Anyone have any idea what could be going on or have any suggestions for me? I seperated her again because I don't trust the one that keeps going at her. Thanks for any help :)
Oh that stinks. :eek:/ is there anything specifically or visibly wrong with her that would prompt the others to try and attack her? Is it possibly just a pecking order thing or are they all attacking her? We had one girl who was a bully and just gave the girls extra food and water sources and that seemed to fix it.

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