Need some help sexing... and breed!

Floc Quebecois

8 Years
Aug 3, 2011
hi guys!

our flock is getting older and now comes the fun part where we try to guess the sex of our babies... maybe you guys could give us a little help!

also, i have a chick that i'm not sure which breed is; we've been told she was a brahma dark, but somehow she doesn't look like any pics i could find of that breed at that age...

Here is our "Blueberry" (don't mind "Milkie Way" in the background, she is so curious!) :

So, is she really a brahma dark? and is she a "she" or a "he"?

What about "Happy Feet":

we were told she was an ameraucana blue... Is she? and "he" or "she" ?

And last but not least, "Buffy", our Brahma Buff... "he" or "she"?

thanks a lot!
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Bonjour Floc Quebecois!

Bleuberry looks like a Cochin rather than a Brahma.
I cannot enlarge the photo on Happy Feet so I am of no help there.
I am not sure on Buffy either. My Dark Brahma got a really red comb very early on and she is definitely a girl. Buffy seem some how feminine but I really am not sure. Could you please share how old they are? Maybe that would help. And perhaps a standing picture of Buffy so we can see her legs and stature.

What a nice mix of breeds you have!
Hey dretd!

alright, here are some pics... hopefuly these will help...

and here another one of Happy Feet with Blueberry:

as for they age, Buffy should be around 8-10 weeks and Blueberry and Happy Feet, 4-6... Sorry I can't be more specific: the breeder we got them from was really bad at keeping up with his chicks...

thanks a lot for your help!
I think Buffy is a girl. I had a buff brahma banty that we thought was a roo for the longest time, but grew up to be a little girl. I cant really tell witht he others though.
I think dretd is right about blueberry, dark brahmas have silver on them, Im thinkin a golden laced cochin.
Good luck!!

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