Need some help! What do i have here?


10 Years
Oct 6, 2009
Hello all,
I am new to the chicken business and need help identifying what breed of chickens I have. I believe these are all the same breed. These are the best pictures I have ( I hope they load okay). Can someone steer me in the right direction? Your help is greatly appreciated.




I think the hens are too light for RIRs - maybe NH Reds? Except I'm unsure of leg color on NHRs. The roos are REALLY pretty!!!
Only reason I didn't say rsl hens is that they usually have some white in them, not always but I think it would be odd to have that many with no white and with black. They could be an RIR x NHR which would basically be a production red. The roos appear to have feathered legs so I would guess some kind of mutt.
The roosters coloring is all most like a pyle as for a breed Im not shure>
The hens look like hatchery New hampshires..
( A Rhode Island Red x New Hamshire is just a New Hampshire.. The RIR was the foundation stock for the New Hampshire and there is no record of outside blood having been introduced.)

A Production Red is a RIR x Leghorn....

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