Need some help with Jumbo Cornish x


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Feb 6, 2011
Western Iowa
I have 1 week old chicks. This was my first batch ordering from McMuarry hatchery. We've always ordered from our local poultry processing or feed store. The feed store closed and processing isn't open till april.
Anyways we always get Cornish x but McMuarry offers these jumbo Cornish x. I don't know if that's the difference but i've lost 8 of the chicks. I am unsure if that's the problem at one week they seem to already be having leg problems. They stop using the one leg and can only hobble around then they get walked on and die.
I removed 2 of them and placed them in the brooder with my partridge chochin chicks. I would say they are about half the size of the other broilers chicks and they barely move. I go out every hour or two so help them get to the water and they drink like crazy when I put them over there. I would think maybe their legs were broken but the broilers in the big brooder have plenty of room and they aren't crowding together for heat. Any ideas? Also they are not vaccinated for marek's. They are getting Broiler booster.
I looked up the jumbo cornish X on their web site and they are the same as what I bought from Meyer hatchery which are called cornish X. But anyways did you contact McMurray let them know you lost so many? What are you feeding them? I have mine on Purina Start and Grow Non-Medicated. All of mine are doing well, I only have 11 though. Mine are 2 weeks old I feed them 12 hrs on and 12 hours off with plenty of fresh water 24 hours. I hope to get them out in their tractor next week. What is broiler booster?
They get fed just a 22% non-med feed. The Broiler booster is a powder they recommend using in place of Terramycen which is what is usually use in my chicks water along with sugar for the first few days.
I have not contacted them... but I will. I didn't really expect that they would do anything.
Mine also only get fed during the day and then I remove the feed at night for the broilers.
I had the leg issue with some I did in late sept. they didn't die on their own we culled them as soon as the problem happened, couldn't see feeding them only to have them die anyways.
Were they this young? I'm going to call hatchery and see what they say. I've never had problems with our Cornish x. I don't know how important the marek's vaccine is we've never had it in our flock but like I said we've always ordered through our local feed store, I don't know if they had the vaccine or not.
I will wait another week than to remove the feed at night. I started removing the feed Sunday when they were 1 week.

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