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Dec 30, 2011
I'm needing some help with our run design and this is definitely the place to ask!
We have a really small yard and live in the suburbs and we can only have 2 chickens. Hubby has fenced off a run area next to our driveway (about 30ft by 8ft) in the backyard that is 4 ft high. Being concerned about them flying over, we're planning on trimming a wing from each chicken, but I still wonder if they will hop over. Also, we weren't planning to put a top on, but if we're out and about during the day, then I'm thinking we would need something to keep them safe from predators? Any tips on a roof structure?

I had thought about letting them free range, but since we're in a rental currently, I really don't want poop on the deck and the kids toys. We've got 2 boys 5 and under and a baby girl.

So, with that said, what do you guys suggest? And with that size run and only 2 chickens, do you think I'd have issues with smells and such?

Thank you for any help you could give!

FYI, I do have pics but because I'm new its not letting me post them.
I am in North Texas, so except for a few freakish years (like last) we don't get too much.
It makes it easier, if you don't have to deal with snow. Snow clogs up wire or netting that has smaller holes and the weight of snow can collapse a run that doesn't have enough support.

Any type of wire or netting will keep chickens in and hawks out, if those are your main concerns. I don't know if you'd have a problem with anything else coming in through the top, during the day. You need something stronger than chicken wire for the sides, to keep out dogs, coyotes or racoons. Smaller openings are usually safer than large openings along the bottom several feet.

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