Need Some Identification help - pics included

Sunny Dawn

In the Brooder
7 Years
Jul 2, 2012
Hi all - I rescued this very young (hopefully) pullet from a woman who found her at her apartment complex...I really do not know what breed or cross she is. Any thoughts? Nees some help here.

Hmm... don't know the breed, but I think she is a pullet.
Sorry I couldn't help more.
I agree on the mixed breed. She may have a barred parent back there somewhere but she's just a nice barnyard mix.
UPDATE - Definitely a girl and as pretty as ever! Can't wait till spring time for her to start laying
She is so pretty - I may just have to let her set on some eggs if she decides she wants too. I have 2 roos a Black Copper Marans and an Easter Egger....should make for some adorable offspring of the backyard coop variety

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