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Well I decided to rectify all the problems I had with the first bator. My new design is again made from scraps of wood and pipe but big enough to hold and auto turner, however I just had a thought of making enough room for 2 levels so I can have guineas on one level and chickens on the other, with separate doors for each level so i can if need be open one level without disturbing the other. The pictures may clear it up a little.

The top is a heater from a fireplace with a fan built in

next to it will be a tray with a sponge on it and a vent directly above it so I can add water without opening. The tubes direct the air to the bottom shelf that also houses additional water trays if needed. Then there will be a vent in the left side of the shelf allowing the hot air to pass along the shelf to another higher shelf (not made yet) with a vent on the right so the air passes back along the top of the shelf to the fan inlet. So it will be 4 chambers, the top adding heat, the bottom adding humidity and the first shelf will house the auto turner, the next shelf was just going to be a baffle but I was wondering if I can fit another auto turner in there. I want the shelfs to be close fitting so the air is constant without the top of the shelf being hotter then the bottom.
So my question is what is the height from the bottom of the turner to the top of the eggs large eggs and if possible anyone with guinea eggs and the make of the turner. With any luck I can get 2 turners in and have lots of new chicks this year, but I won't be disappointed if I can only fit 1.
I'm going to call this one something Swedish as I believe ikea will be interested in my end-table incubator.

Any help would be much apreciated as I don't want to lay out $50 to get a measurement that I know many of you will have.


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All I can say is WOW! That is some idea you have!!

That being said, I just went and checked my OEG hen's eggs that are in the bator. The height from the top of the egg to the bottom of the turner is about 2&1/2-3 inches. The turner I have is the one for the LG 9200, I believe the # is 6200, but not sure about that.

As far as guinea eggs, if only I cold find the nests!!!
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