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    Oct 13, 2014
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    I am applying to 4 community colleges in New Hampshire for their associates degree in nursing (RN). I finished high school in 2010 and did 2 years of college at a university but never earned a degree. I took a break, became an LNA, and decided to pursue a career in nursing. I've finished the prerequisites, have a 3.65 GPA, finished the entrance exam and my national percentile rate was 93 on that, and have everything in order to finish my applications.
    Here's where I need a few opinions.. I want to stand out and let them know I am serious and really want to succeed in this. I was thinking if I should write a letter of interest or intent to the colleges I applied to? It is not required, and I don't want to seem too eager I guess, but do you guys think it will help? Any other ideas?
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    A letter of interest can never hurt IMO (regardless of whether you're applying for college or buying a house, the personal connection it establishes works in your favor).

    Best of luck!

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