Need Some Reassurance!!! :( :(


8 Years
Apr 27, 2011
North Idaho
alright so i hatched some chicks under a broody hen and i dont know why but one by one they are dieing
now we were on the last one and my oldest daughter found it under my deck. limp but still breathing i grabbed it took it inside fed it elecrolights and put it on a heating pad. it looked bad thought we where going to loose it weaker and weaker the poor thing almost stopped breathing so i let it be and put it on the pad to go. my daugter checked on it about 15 minutes ago and its was standing up peeping and rolling off the pad. leaving it be a little longer i saw not to long ago crawling around on the carpet. thinking both momma and baby were looking for each other i brought her in.. im really hoping that we saved this one i hear it churping under mom in the other room right now.. hes still not standing very well but doing better each time i see it.. did i do the right thing tring to save it or do you think i should have put it out of it misery?? am i setting my self for heart ache in the morning?
( i thing my turkeys are the culprates of my chickies deaths now that i think of it) i have one mother doing a very good job she still have all 6 babys but this one lost 5 and this is her last one.
i guess ill take it one minute at a time
oh man im so worried!!
not really my coops are all intertwaned my chickens can go to the ducks the turkeys go to the chickens and so on.. i think i just might have to some how keep these two in the house for a few weeks...
oh no my husbands going to kill me. he just wanted chickens for eggs.
thank you i just need more than just me telling me it will be okay
lol silly i guess
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a little update for you..
so my chick is doing quite well amost lost it 3 times. i got so week wouldnt even churp. looks VERY strong today even walking around my house.
but one thing concerns me now. she has a blister on her foot. it popped and now it looks as though two of four toes are dead.
im not sure what to do.. will they fall off? will they cause problems if i leave them there. or is it something to do with this blister on her foot..
she is very bright eyed and loud. making sure shes getting lots of food and water.
I'm very sad!! She was tring and it changed so quickly!!! I heard her peeping left to go to town came back and she was way more gone then any other times
so I decided to let her go.. She was so strong!! I can't beleave she made it this far. Poor lil' girl.
I should have checked on her before I left:( I feel bad for sissy (mom) she's been looking for her out side today.

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