Need suggestion for integrating newly hatched chick with Mom with two 5 day old chicks


Mar 20, 2020
Hi, my Buff Orpington went broody so I decided to let her sit on some eggs. We started with 2 eggs June 12, I added another June 14, then 3 more appeared in her nest over the next couple of days- I got smart at that point and marked all the eggs that were in the nest at that time. Eggs were within a 6 day range. The first two hatched under Mom July 3. They are doing well. I put the remaining 4 eggs into an incubator. One hatched this morning. I’m keeping her in the incubator for now. My question is can I place this new one with the other two? I heard that night was the best time to introduce new chicks to a broody hen. Suggestions please. If this doesn’t work Wi’ll put her in a brooder, but I don’t want her to be alone. Suggestions for this too please. Thanks.

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You can try putting the chick with her. She may or may not take it, she's bonded with the 2 she has and likely she will see the "new chick" as an intruder. Depends on the temperament of the broody.

Personally, I wouldn't do it, but I know my broodies:)

You may have to brood the chick alone unless the others hatch and she has some buddies. This will make integration a little harder.

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