Need suggestions for an emergency coop for two hens

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  1. This is what happened. Yesterday while I was gone my next door neighbors finished moving and decided they did not want to take their two SLW hens with them. Hubby called me and told me he had said we would take them. These hens have been living in an 8 foot run covered with plastic the whole time they have been next door. :( With their rooster who is magnificent and always very protective of them. Of course they took the rooster who was more of a pet anyway. I assumed as I headed home (and was told) that they would leave the run. Hubby knew enough NOT to put them in my run with my chickens. I got home about dusk to discover my chickens had already gone to roost, so I locked them up. The two new hens were sitting in a dog crate right outside my run. :( Visibly upset. Because of course they are sitting there open and exposed, no rooster and it is time to roost. I ran to get some heavy plastic to wrap the crate and as soon as I started to wrap it they settled down. Poor hens, what a day for them. They were inside my pen but not inside my run. Because I know we have a roaming raccoon, I was not too thrilled with this so hubby and I put them inside the garage for the night. I easily without too much effort have a way to create a covered run for them along the side of my present run. It will be about 6' x 15' . What I don't have is a shelter for them. I have a 42" dog crate that I could rig for them inside this run until I can come up with something better. This new run would be where I intended to make my isolation/broody/bachelor quarters anyway. Just didn't expect it to happen so soon. I was looking at prefab coops last looking for one that would not break the bank and could be raised up and adapted. Any suggestions? Or if someone has ideas on how I could build something onto the side of my present chicken house side of it forms a side of the new run. I figured somebody else has to scramble before and come up with a quick fix. I can make the new run pretty secure so temporary coop doesn't have to be but I would like permanent coop to be very secure. Thanks for any and all suggestions.

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    I know what you mean. Had to shuffle to house a recovered hen inside our run until the flock would accept her back - she had to live in a dog crate for about 2 months. Let out daily for exercise under supervision.

    I used the bottom of the dog crate for a roof - had an extra smaller one and placed it on side at night to give her some protection from wind/rain.

    Here's link with photos:

    If the current run is protected and large enough to add a temporary fencing to segregate the newbies - then you could give them some space until you get them integrated to the existing flock?

    If you can post pics of your current coop/run you'll likely get more opines.

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