Need suggestions for dipping. Permethran 10


10 Years
May 15, 2009
So I was holding one of my girls this morning and noticed she had mites. Goodie!
Ivermectin was out of stock but they did have permethran 10 liquid. I followed the mixing instruction for a 'dip'. The chickens didn't seem to mind too much but no matter how much I agitated the water with my hand and ruffled their feathers under the water I couldn't get them soaked all the way through to their skin. Maybe they're part duck.

Does anyone have any suggestions for the next dip. I was thinking about adding a few drops of Dawn dish detergent to cut through some of their natural oils but I'm not sure.

Yes I spent hours cleaning the coop and bug bombing it and did spray all of the wood and floors with the recommended dilution of the permethrin 10. I let it dry and then spread Sevin on all of the wood with a gloved hand.

The mites had to come from the chipmunks that go into the coop to steal scratch. My fault. Should have gotten rid of the critters when I noticed them.

All welcome to come over tomorrow night for chipmunk kabobs.
I would use Sevin dust, and either a rolled up sock to dust them or put them in a pillow case filled with Sevin, and close it off around their necks, and shake it over them.
The mites are mostly at the base of the feathers. How can I get the dust to penetrate to the skin?

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