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  1. Hello all - i bought this coop from a man who had used it for pigeons. It's very sturdy, with 9 nest boxes built across the back end. i've been busy scrubbing it out. (It's tipped up on the back end so the water will drain out of the nest boxes while i work on washing it out.)

    He used chicken wire, which i will cover over with hardware cloth. i'm just confused about how to do the floor. My husband said we should just leave the floor open, which is an idea, although i'm worried about having a naked floor during the winter. i was thinking of putting 12" x 12" pavers underneath, but i don't think chickens would want to walk or scratch on those.

    i will have an attached run for them to get to the dirt and grass. This will be their sleeping and laying place. If anyone can give me some pointers on how to address the floor issue, i would really appreciate it. Any suggestions on other things i should do to get this comfy and predator safe are very welcome, too!

  2. Mahonri

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    May 14, 2008
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    I have plywood covered with linoleum. It makes for easy clean up.
  3. portlandpeeps

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    I just put pine shavings down on the ground of the run, it's nice and cushioned yet they can still eat bugs in the soil. Then I put linoleum inside on flat surfaces inside the coop for easy cleaning.

    I like your coop. What does the sign say? I'm hunting for a cool old metal sign.

  4. MoonbeamQueen

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    We used linoleum over a plywood subfloor. Then covered the whole thing with pine shavings. I found my linoleum at a carpet/flooring store. I told them it didn't matter what color or pattern, a remnant would do just fine, needed a piece that would cover the 4x8' area. Only paid $15 and I still think I got a bargain.[​IMG]
  5. Very cool coop portlandpeeps! i'm wondering if i should have the back end with a wood floor and linoleum over, and keep the front section open. i really appreciate the great suggestions.

    And on the sign, my sister bought this for me. Very happy to finally have a coop to hang it on.

  6. joebryant

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    Buy a bale of peat moss and spread it over the dirt. You won't have to clean anything for a very long time; when they poop it dries immediately and gets lost when they're scratching of dust bathing.
  7. Oblio13

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    I like dirt floors, and put dry leaves and pine needles in. They break them down pretty quickly, and when I clean out it all goes on the garden as mulch.
  8. Whistling Badger

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    May 26, 2008
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    I plan to try dried grass clippings, several inches deep. I think I got that idea from someone here. Anyone tried it?


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