Need to build a coop for 5-7 hens in the next couple days...Ideas?

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    Jul 28, 2011
    Hi! My name is Bella and this is my first post on this website. I am determined to build my own coop, sheerly to save money. I live in Durango, CO, so it probably needs to be insulated, I'm guessing? How do you insulate a coop? Would stacking straw bales around it be sufficient? How big should it be for 5-7 girls? I'd love some ideas. I need the coop to be very simple, because I need to build it fast, and also I'm fairly small. I'd like to also have an outside run attached to the coop. It all needs to be VERY predator proof, because we have lots of critters around here. Thanks for your time![​IMG]
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    Jul 28, 2011
  4. BellaDel5

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    Jul 28, 2011
    Oh, also, what would be the best way to add ventilation? Thanks
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    7 birds means 28sq feets of space, so an 8ftx4ft coop would give you plenty of room, and extra... Since you need simple, you could buy almost all the wood you need to have cut to length, most plywood, make sure its outdoor/exterior grade, is already 4x8. You can get 2x4s and 2x6 already at 8 foot lengths. If you have a lowes, they will cut strait cuts in any lumber you have to have cut to length free. They also carry 2x6x12ft boards that will make building a run easy. For 7 birds, you need 70 sq ft of ground space. So a 10x7 run. But better to just go ahead and do a 12x8 run, it'll make the birds happier with more space.

    Build a box frame, with windows framed in, close it in. I built a real simple coop. I built it my self with in 3 days, BUT I have free range here... SO, I didn't need to build a run. But look at my page, so you can see what I mean by simple. It cost me just under 200.

    Its an 8ftx4ftx4ft coop, with a 2 ft under run. There is a hole in the center of the floor that the girls can go down in the mornings and wait till I let them out.

    Be sure with your run to dig down 6inches and bury a skirt of hardwear cloth, or, dig down, put blocks, then set your frame for your run on top of that, and build up. Use hard ware cloth, not chicken death wire. Have good locks and hinges.

    I used a total of 5- 4x8 panels,
    16- 2x4x8ft 8 were cut in half for sides and roosts
    3- 2x6x12fts cut in half
    and 1-2x4 cut on 45 degree angles to make braces to sturdy the coop.
    and 1 2ftx2ft plexi for windows. Holes will drill in very easy to screw to the wood.
    and 1 pack of roof shingles.
    3 boxes of 2.5 inch screw, cuz I was too stupid to buy the big box the first time.
    2 tubes of exterior clear culk to seal the seams.
    and 1 can exterior paint if you want...

    Good luck and have fun.
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    Quote:Leave a small gap between the roof and the wall, about 2 inches or so all the way across the back, and also make sure the roof overhangs... Thats the only mistake I made, not overhanging enough. OOPS.
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    ;welcome to the BYC

    How about a cardboard box from an appliance store for temporary housing. Heat lamp and the whole enchilada. That will give you a month or so to build a good coop.
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    I had 7 girls in this 4X4 coop last winter. Good ventilation and no heat, no problems. The run was covered and three sides to provide a wind/snow shelter. They spend all day in run or walking shoveled paths all winter, if you don't add heat they only use the coop to pass through to lay eggs and roost at night. 4 inches of pine shavings on floor was the only insulation. Colorado is compatible yet drier than Northern New Hampshire. Check my page if you like.

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