Need to build a small, cheap, *easy* coop ASAP


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Hey guys! I just had a massacre in my old chicken coop
I lost 8 chickens in two nights. The surviving 2 bantam hens are currently inside my house where I am quite certain that no predator will find them. Sadly, however, they are in a small dog crate. They have a decent amount of room, but they obviously cannot stay there for very long. I am a female, about 100 lbs, and my husband is away because of the military. We have a small budget. I need a way to construct a predator-proof chicken coop that will not cost much and will be easy enough for me to do myself, and in a short amount of time. any ideas? I have looked at the coop design section but they all seem very complicated. Right now I need a simple, temporary solution. It doesn't have to be pretty and it doesn't have to be great. It will be a temporary solution until I can figure out something better. But these little hens cannot stay in that dog crate forever!!! The biggest thing is that it must be predator-proof. I was also wondering if planting aromatic plants (herbs etc) would help to throw predators off a little? make it harder for them to smell the chickens? Or is there some kind of scent I can put on or around the coop to deter or scare away predators? would adding motion detectors help? a recording of a barking dog maybe? I am willing to try anything. Thanks so much!!!



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Personally, I would build one fast. Doesn't have to be pretty. Build it off the ground, make it solid. Just think a box on stiltz and you got a good start.

I'll PM you pics of a coop I made on my front step in about two hours. It houses two bantams.


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Ahh, ok.
Im in Cali . . .

I was gonna offer to help you out making a cheap but very presentable tractor . . .

Check CL, search words: coop, playhouse, playpen, hutch, chicken, fencing, rabbit, etc . . .
You should be able to find something that could work, and we are here to help!

So a quick search for coop found this in Biloxi, no idea where either Hammond or Biloxi is, coop
Offer this person $100 . . .
Id walk away with it for $45, but Im pretty good.
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I second the Craigslist idea. I've gotten a lot of stuff for free. But even when I've payed for my stuff I can't buy the materials for that price. Look for someone who is getting rid of a coop or even a dog house. Then you can do the modifications to make it predator proof.


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Aug 22, 2008
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You can also look for dog houses on Craigslist and modify them a little or not at all. We got a chain link dog kennel with a top for 80 dollars this year.


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Apr 9, 2008
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My Coop
I'm sorry to hear about your loss. That's terrible.

I'd find a dog house either on CL or freemarket and make a door/lock for it. That's probably going to be your easiest version, and cheapest too.

Before my coop was built, I picked up a free shipping crate that I was going to use for a temporary coop. It used to hold a bathtub. I found it by stalking behind a hot-tub store in the parking lot and they were more than happy to let me haul it away for free. It was 2x4 construction, had plywood sides and a removable top. I know that my husband also had a crate similar to this that his motorcycle was shipped in. Check motorcycle shops - I'm sure they're getting spring shipments in now for summer riding. Also, check auto repair businesses - they often get new engines that have been crated. They'll be a bit smaller, but should be free.

If you don't have a friend who can help you with making some doors (jigsaw work and adding hardware), I'd recommend looking on CL for a carpenter. There are plenty of people who need the work right now and I'm sure they would be happy to give you a good deal.

Good luck!

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